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  1. Book Point LLC is granted a license by Shams Media Free Zone. It obliges to all rules and regulations set up as standard requirements for maintaining the license. The company works as a Free Zone company with an e-commerce business which is functioning through social media pages on Facebook and Instagram & the Website ( As a website visitor, you are allowed a constrained, limited, non-exclusive, revocable and a non-transferable license to access and use the Site which is restricted to the requirements and restrictions of these Terms and Conditions. Book Point LLC ( may without any notice or liability, can improve or remove any features on services or restrict your access to all or portions of the Site. There is no right granted to you on proprietary software and related documentation, if any, provided to you to access the Site. With the exception of as gave in the Terms of Use, you will reserve no privilege to legitimately or in a roundabout way, own, use, advance, sell, lease, rent, permit, sublicense, appoint, duplicate, interpret, alter, adjust, improve, or make any new or subsidiary works from, or show, circulate, perform, or in any capacity misuse the Site, or any of its substance (counting programming) in entire or to a limited extent.
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  3. Payments on Site: Payments through credit or debit cards must be conducted in AED currency only for the purchase of all products and services from the Site. Any changes shall be updated on the Terms and Conditions. The same currency will be charged to the card and printed on the receipt. For terms and conditions on refund and replacement, please visit our Refunds/Replacement Policy page.
  4. Enquiry and Request Books: Enquiry for books which are not available on our website can be placed through enquiry form. The details of the book with author name must be provided for further processing. The enquiry response may take 7 days to receive a response to provide the price and availability of the book. Subject to the agreement, all customers are liable to pay advance payment for request books. Upon cancellation of request book before arrival of the book, advance payment will not be refunded back to the customer.
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